8 Creative Ways to Add Festival Spirit In Your Social Media Campaign

Shopping on festival occasions is no longer a marathon – it’s something that happens in moments.
The majority of shoppers instead of visiting shopping malls and looking for the best offers, they prefer their mobile phones to make a purchase online.

Idea 1: Decorate Your Cover and Profile Photo:
Cover Photo always primarily represent the values and personality of your brand, change it to reflect the festival season to get your audience in the season spirit.
Try to picture the Cover Photo as your billboard and ask yourself what information you want to promote during the holiday season. Use a simple and effective design that consists of a bold background color and playful combination of serif and sans-serif fonts.

Idea 2: Create a Very prosperous festival offers:
During the festival season of the year, retailers earn as much as 20% of their annual revenue, so a lot of effort is placed into attracting buyers to choose your brand.
Use most frequent deals with messages such as one day only, limited quantity sales, buy-one-get-one-free, special discounts or festival coupons. To bring attention to the message make sure you place text on a background to bring attention to the message.


Idea 3: Share the Joy of the festival:
Use the festival season to give your posts some festive spin. Get people excited not only about the festival but also about your brand!
Start creating posts that ask people what’s their most memorable festival moment, favorite festival food, the best part of the festival: opening presents, dinner or the post-lunch feeling?

Idea 4: Make a Wish Come True:
Organize a prize game on your profile page or through applications to encourage interactions. Create Multi-day giveaways, in which you give out prizes every day for a certain period of time can be the best engagement.
Share the post to keep the conversation fresh with detailed information on prizes, count the days till the end of the competition or announce winners through a specially designed post.


Idea 5: Kick Off the Festive Season with an Event:
Get your event invitation to be noticed in the newsfeed or in an email inbox, give your design some extra kick with creative icons, decorative shapes and powerful colors that symbolize the season.

Idea 6: Show the Magic of Giving:
The festival season reminds us to help others more, share that thought and your efforts with the audience. Prepare a special festival eBook and encourage downloads, create a special hashtag and promise you will donate Rs 1 for each shared tweet that contains such hashtag.


Idea 7: Shout-out to everyone:
Reach potential customers by exposing them to what your brand has to offer this festival. Boost your important marketing messages through social media ads or online banners. Don’t forget to inform the viewer on what you want them to do (shop, follow, download) with a clear instruction or call to action.

Idea 8: Wish Happy Diwali:
Your audience will be wishing their family and friend happy Diwali on social media accounts so this is a perfect opportunity for you to send out a “Happy Diwali” message from your business.
Create an image with holiday decoration but also a little bit of clear space for you to place your text. Write your copy by contrasting two fonts that will help each other speak. Use script fonts such as Sign Painter or Wisdom Script will add affectionate and personal notes to your message.