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Are you learning Digital the right way?


Learning Digital the right way!

Digital has come a long way and possibly has raised a lot of eyebrows in terms of knowledge and expertise. It’s very important to funnel the right direction and gain inputs on the same. There is too much clutter and Digital marketing seems like a ocean in terms of information. So how does a layman funnel out what he needs and what to discard?

5 steps of learning Digital Marketing the right way!

  1. Workshops: Attend live workshops and get insights into how branding works or lead generations work. Learning via the experts in a live environment is the best way to soak the relevant knowledge. Pioneers and leaders in this space with good orator skills work the best.
  2. Webinars: With distance and time being a hindrance webinars are the best examples of learning via the experts with live streaming videos. There is lot of webinars happening at any time around the globe. The idea being to follow the leaders in this space.
  3. Digital academy: Academy is good but has a hindrance in terms of commitment for a certain duration period. Case studies should be a must as this created a better impact via live examples. Agencies of digital marketing work the best in this case.
  4. Blogs: Reading articles like this one or others also enhances our knowledge in terms of Digital. It definitely creates more insights on the same. It actually becomes a food for thought as to what next and how to fill the gaps you are facing.
  5. Video blogs: The next best thing to happen in the Digital world. A lot of content is explained via white boards and videos. There are a lot of bloggers in the industry and the catch is to get someone who simplifies and explains the same.


Traffic makes a lot of difference and the more the traffic the higher are the success rates of the visionary or leader we want to learn from .