How Digital Marketing affect Bollywood?

How Digital Marketing affect Bollywood?

Indian cinema is a global enterprise and it has been expanding in all ways for different prospects and approach towards film-making. Digital marketing has changed the face of Indian cinema. From a small town to a metro, every corner is able to enjoy the different flavours of cinema at the same time with the spread of the internet.

Digitization of Bollywood 

Digitization has the power of connecting people, process data, and things. Digitization has influenced Indian cinema or film-making whether it is about production, distribution, promotion etc, with the help of various digital technologies.


  • Digital prints

Earlier, movies were short in analog print (film reels) that were distributed across theatres and they are expensive to buy, thus movies were released with a smaller budget. After the development of digital platforms, the price of production became less expensive with good quality in picture and sound. For example- Om shanty Om was released with 1,400 analog prints.

  • Ticket collection

From the last few years have an increase in ticket collections. Bollywood movies collection doubled from around Rs 60crores in 2008 to around 150crores 2013. People can book tickets through mobile applications and they may get some interesting offers like 20% or 30 % discount or 100Rs cashback on booking tickets from applications like Paytm, Bookmy show etc.

Promotion through social media

A good script or outstanding performance is no more without a hit at box office. It requires a perfect planning and execution, and the timing of movie release also matters. Digital marketing is a key to generate interest and curiosity of audience to bring them to the theatres and make them spend more on a film. Most of the movies start getting promoted online before the release date.

  • Youtube  This is a great visual medium for promoting movies its main focus is on videos. It is a great way to push people to look on your website, videos. The official trailers of movies are uploaded on YouTube which gets millions of views, comments and likes even in a single day.


  • Facebook It is the largest social app in existence and more than 2 billion people are using it. for example, BAHUBALI was the most expensive Indian movie(INR 2.5 billion). Bahubali has used all the tactics of digital marketing to maintain its dignity. Bahubali has 35.42 lakh likes on the Facebook page and this is the official “ BAHUBALI” movie page! Official website-

They shared all the videos, pictures of the cast, blogs, and galleries on their website. has a special category as “shop” where anyone can buy stuff related to the movie as Bahubali merchandise. This has created a hush among fan following.  The teasers released on the occasion of the birthdays of lead roles played in the movie paid great attention and curiosity from the viewers and gone viral on Facebook, Twitter, and many other channels.

  • TwitterActors, producers, writers, music directors- everyone is using virtual venues to promote their movie. Twitter has become a powerful medium to voice your opinions and share your feelings. Celebrities across the world make themselves available to their fans. They spend time on twitter to keep in touch with their, to tell them about their movies. Nowadays the trailer launch and song releases happen on Twitter.

Marketing campaigns of Bollywood:

  • Website– Most of the directors created their official website which has information regarding first look, trailer, songs, photos, videos etc, this helped the audience to engage more. For example SULTAN(



  • Animated games– Indian cinema saw an infusion of science and technology that helped create state-of-the-art visual effects. The Ra-One movie team came up with an idea of developing a game named as Ra-One- The game with a movie theme. Animation has also seen a manifold growth and recent release, Bahubali is an appropriate example of cinema’s progress in the digital world.

  • Web series Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his team came up with a creative and out of a box way. They launched an animated web series of Bajirao Mastani to educate the viewers about their movie.


  • Dubsmash– A platform like Dubsmash becomes ideal for promoting movies. Bollywood stars are smartly crashing in on the digital boom to promote their movies in various innovative ways. Using Dubsmash, half selfies among other things they are using new means to reach a wider audience.


Bollywood is largely affected by digital marketing. The success rate of a movie also depends upon the way, it is being marketed in front of the audience.


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