How does Linkedin Benefit from the Microsoft deal?

Linkedin acquired by Microsoft is the breaking news all across the channels and media. Microsoft has today announced that it will Acquire Linkedin for $26.2 billion. Under the deal, LinkedIn will keep its branding and product and become part of Microsoft’s productivity and business

How does Linkedin benefit from this deal?

  1. Microsoft connecting Office directly to LinkedIn could help attendees of meetings learn more about one another directly from invitations in their calendars. Sales representatives using Microsoft’s Dynamics software for managing customer relationships could pick up useful tidbits of background on potential customers from LinkedIn data.


  1. Microsoft and LinkedIn have both been building out their respective graphs. Graphs in Microsoft are a collection of information pertaining to entities like contacts, messages, calendar entries, and documents. LinkedIn’s graph centers on entity information regarding jobs, coworkers, learning, and prospects and recruiting/hiring.


  1. LinkedIn doesn’t (yet) run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Nor does office 365 for that matter. But one of Microsoft’s first priorities, no doubt, will be to tie LinkedIn into Microsoft’s Active Directory and Office 365 single sign-on


  1. Evolving the two companies emphasizes that management views the deal as connecting the “world’s leading professional cloud” and “the professional network.”


As we wait and watch for this new transition to happen in the Social media world it definitely opens a world of more possibilities and hiring and recruitment move to a new level completely.