How Instagram will make you win Game Of Thrones?

How Instagram will make you win Game Of Thrones?

When you play a game of thrones, either you win or you lose

The above line from the game of thrones itself is very relatable to the current business scenario. It’s like you either be successful by going with the latest trend or you lose yourself a place. Today’s business era is all about leaving an impact on the minds of your customers such that they maintain a brand loyalty and what is more exciting than engaging in an app which has more than 800 million users?  YES, we are talking of INSTAGRAM which has brought a revolution in the digital industry.

An Instagram marketing strategy is an indispensable marketing tool for business that wants to get the more out of their social media strategy. As brands today want exposure, and with a proper Instagram marketing strategy in place, reaching out to your target audience and engaging them on a regular basis should not be difficult.

Let us now look into how one can plan out things to survive the cut-throat competition and evolve as a king of the market. Because after all, how unique your approach affects the kind of people you attract.
  1.  Formulate a content strategy

Your Instagram marketing strategy needs a strong foundation to stand on. Because without one, you’d only be shooting in the dark. Which is why formulating a proper CONTENT STRATEGY is crucial for your Instagram marketing success. Basically, people browsing Instagram are always looking out for content that is relevant and engaging at the same time.

An effective content strategy lets you etch out your own route in the Instagram marketing jungle, and gives you the needed clarity to create visual content that your target audience will value. Every image you share on Instagram is going has to make a positive impression on your audience, especially your followers. Make sure your content is Product-based and user-generated.

  1.  Expand your reach using hashtags

Hashtags are common in the social media world, but Instagram made them even more useful! Posting quality of the content on Instagram is not enough, you also need to have more and more new people discover it. Your target audience may already be searching using certain relevant hashtags, so why not reach out to them and expose them to your content?

Product-related hashtags and local hashtags work great in helping you get more engagement. But, getting too clever with them is a strict no-no because you want people to be aware of them. Avoid hashtags that are too popular because your content may get lost in between other similar content and try to use not more than 30 hashtags per post.

  1. Build anticipation and offer exclusivity

Keeping your customers interested is an essential part of any effective marketing campaign. Reward your loyal followers with exclusive content. Let them be the first to know about new products, services or events. Create teaser photos that build anticipation or satisfy curiosity for your new releases, office openings or stores. Running contests or giveaways won’t do any harm to your business but the tricky part is coming up with a good idea that will get your audience excited to participate.

Keep on generating the curiosity as this is what would bring them back. This kind of preview makes your Instagram followers feel special and keeps them coming back for more insider information.

  1. Move up to advertising

A powerful Instagram marketing strategy almost always includes ads. Once you have laid out a strong foundation for your Instagram marketing, you should move up to Instagram ads since they allow you to reach your target audience in the best possible way. Instagram advertising gives you access to tools and audiences that you may not reach the free marketing way.

As a business, you cannot only depend on organic reach if you want your Instagram marketing strategy to perform at its best. Your content may or may not get shared, but your ad will always be seen by the right people because you’re paying for the privilege. When it comes to Instagram ads, make sure you use attractive visuals and create an exclusive landing page.

  1. Don’t overpost

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but for those new to the platform please note that over-posting is a big insta-no-no! This is not Facebook where pictures will all be grouped into a compact album. We don’t want our photo feeds cluttered with posts from one person, that’s when your posts go from enjoyable to migraine-inducing, and your followers lose interest and visit your page for the last time to unsubscribe for life.

If you start posting a lot, you might over-saturate your follower’s feeds, and you don’t want to force yourself into the noise too often.

Whether you are new to this or an experienced business, getting the highest return from your Instagram marketing requires you to take educated risks and a calculated approach. Thus, to have an edge over others it is essential to Create the right Instagram marketing strategy and getting the above factors right which would eventually lead you to win your game of thrones!


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