Linking well via Linkedin



Linking well through Linkedin

Linkedin is the best platform for linking well with your peers and colleagues. Its number of users is increasing with every month. During the most recently reported quarter, LinkedIn had 433 million members, up from 414 million members in the preceding quarter.

The question is how we are benefiting by linking well with these LinkedIn contacts. Sharing top 5 reasons as to how to link well via this powerful medium.

  1. Being active: Show people you are active and keep posting updates about your industry from time to time. Show casing your work or projects goes a long way in getting noticed. Getting endorsed or endorsing others also adds value to the chain.
  2. Blogs posting: Is an excellent tool for linking well. Similar interest people would come and comment on the blog. Sharing post your followers would like is one of the effective ways of linking.
  3. Groups: Joining the relevant groups makes a lot of impact of finding likeminded people on the same platform. It also gives access to experts in a particular industry. Being part of a group gives you access to 3rd party connections that you wouldn’t otherwise have the option to connect with. Under the members section of each group you can look at the member list to see who else is there, what they do, and how to connect it them. This is much like a backdoor access.
  4. Linking connections: Features of lnkedin like in mail helps to reach to relevant people across the industry for easy networking. Get introduced to people you wouldn’t have access to. You can do this by looking at shared connections and asking someone who has connections to both of you to connect you with them. An introduction is so much easier to follow up on than trying to come out of nowhere and get to know someone.
  5. Get found: People who use Linkedin use it A LOT. They use it to search for people in every industry that can help them personally and professionally. If you want to be found for these reasons, make sure your profile is found, filled out completely and competitive for your industry.

if you have a job, plan to have a career, or want to someday do a task professionally, Linkedin is a great place to begin making connections that can and will be beneficial. It isn’t just for finding jobs; it’s for growing your business relationships.