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Tips on how to get your videos noticed on Facebook .

Tips on  how to get your videos noticed on Facebook .

With facebook adding new features every now and then it is very important to have the right strategy to make sure that the videos go viral in the right perspective.
1 . Make an impact on the first few seconds : A good video should be dynamic and should be able to make a powerful impact on the first 10 seconds . A powerful introduction works well to make sure that one is glued to the end .

2 . Make it short : In today’s world nobody has time to watch long videos , so make it short and snazzy . No one has time to watch long videos and maximum length should be 30 seconds . This drives the engagement high and reach also goes to a wider spectrum of audience .

3 . Avoid these disasters : Using logos or credits at the beginning is a big no -no . It would just drive the audience away . Trying to tell too much in a video is like cramping the big space and creating a lot of clutter in the video and lastly very important to have relevant context so that the brand story is created .

4 . Get maximum reach via videos : Facebook has a feature to get more video views , the bulk of traffic generation and conversion campaigns use the link or carousel format , Facebook has more user data for these combinations than for video ads . This makes it more difficult for the algorithm to find users that will click on a video ad to go to a website , .

5. Get an effective ROI :So you might experience a slower ad delivery and reach of your campaign . This can be solved by set Vide ads as the objective . Facebook can more easily identify users that are likely to watch the video , which will help increase the reach of your campaign .

Regardless of the campaign objective , placement , targeting , and other factors , it’s important that your video ad is simple and concise . A good video needs to have effective content and duration should be short and sweet to get maximum impact .