Top 5 Digital Trends to watch out for in the year 2017

eventum-dec-10b-blogTop 5 Digital Trends to watch out for in the year 2017

We’re already in the last quarter of 2016 and professionals all around the globe are just starting to propose their course of action in the digital marketing front, for the new year that’s about to ring in. The pace of change was rapid in 2016, too. Pokémon Go is probably the best example. Launched in July, the game was downloaded six million times on the first day alone and took just two weeks to become the most popular game in the US – with 21 million active users!

1. Email takes a front seat again: Email marketing has increased by three folds in the year 2016. The mails in the outlook are getting flooded while all brands have moved online into EDM and email marketing . Since April ’14 to April ’16, there has been nearly 10% drop in ‘spam’ email. However, the total amount of email marketing trends are on the rise!

2. Content is still the king: Yes it’s the king and still dominates the Digital trends year after year. Quality content and with the right keywords still grabs the market strategy . Small business marketing and SME are using the content to drive business to their brands . Content amounts to almost 50% of your business. A well written content is the key to online marketing business .

3. Video blogs the new rage: Yes video blogs have become the new rage for internet marketing. Short videos within 2 minutes are the new marketing trends and gets the youtube flooded with organic and online advertising. Next year, visuals such as photos, info graphics , and even emojis will play an even bigger role than wordy text blogs. All these elements can help grab your customers’ attention.

4. Live streaming videos : Share live events , moments and anything possible with your audience . Facebook went live few months ago and more than 60% people have used the Go Live video experience. Like virtual reality, live streaming has been around for many years. However, it wasn’t until platforms like Periscope and Facebook live allowed us to conveniently live stream events and share moments with a live audience right from our smartphones that it exploded into popularity.

5. Analytics in social media : Social analytics tools have evolved to be more powerful, developers like Similar web and Google analytics have designed them to be accessible and user-friendly for the average small business owner. Statistics will play an even more important role in the next year and luckily, most of these tools are free and readily available to accommodate the needs of most businesses!

To conclude :
The trends are many but I have tried to list the top 5 Digital trends which would make headlines in the year 2017 for online business marketing and internet marketing globally .